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The Journey Begins

After years of working and sharpening my tool kit, I’m ready to take over the world.

I always had a knack for creating businesses and being an entertainer. These interests became apparently useful to me when I discovered the internet in my early childhood—specifically, YouTube. I saw very talented content creators entertaining hundreds of thousands of people. They were funny and commanded great respect from A LOT of people. This sparked the entertainer side of my mind. As I began to research more and more, I found out that these people were operating true businesses. This sparked the other side of my mind… I was convinced that I found my calling.

I began creating my own videos. I didn’t care as much about the business side of things, as I didn’t have to. I was a young kid, and just wanted to entertain. I gained many skills throughout this time that have propelled me to where I am at today. But as time went on, childhood started to disappear. There were more things to care about and worry about. My love for the creation of content dissipated. But that business side of my mind knew that I had acquired many skills, so I began a new journey.

I began to market myself as a freelance video editor. It took a few months (which isn’t a lot of time btw, haha). I found many lucrative positions working for content creators that had inspired me throughout my own content creation journey.

This is the position I’ve been in for the last year, pretty much to the day. I’ve not only grown as a video editor and businessman but as a person. I’ve been introduced to new ideas and things that I never thought were possible.

I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given within the last year. I’m even more thankful for the people I am working with to this day. I’ve had my hand in many incredible projects across YouTube and the internet as a whole.

But there’s been this feeling slowly creeping up inside me the last few months. I couldn’t pinpoint what it was at first… but within the last few weeks, I realized what it was.

That entertainer side of my mind that I let go of is still there, and it is craving to get out.

I’m in a unique position at the moment. I have no obligations besides the freelance gigs that I already have. These gigs cover all my costs of living. I have good work, I have no other obligations, and I have a deep passion that I want to pursue.

So I am creating JayBe. It’s a media company. I and some others will be creating content that we are genuinely passionate about under this umbrella. The business side of me that I have grown over the last year will help me take the first love of content creation to new heights.

I’m not quitting my freelance work, as I love it and don’t want to give it up. But the free time that I’d typically spend binging Barstool Sports and eating whole pints of Ben and Jerry’s will be utilized to grow my and other’s content.

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